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Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012
An opportunity to share the iconic objects that have shaped your life.
Remember the grief you felt when your Tamagotchi ‘died’? Or the regrettable ‘Bum-bags’ you used
to think were oh so stylish? Rediscover your childhood and share the experiences and items that
defined you.
Project Monument presents the objects of your life. A chance to relive those great memories,
rediscover those you had forgotten, share and reminisce with friends.
Project monument is an interactive branded experience that allows you to share personal icons that
have shaped the person you are today.
Pick and choose from our extensive database, covering everything from your regrettable fashion
choices (Legwarmers anyone?) and films that kick started your imagination, through to the must
have toys and the definitive cool cars. All these elements, and more, that have shaped your
childhood are available for you to build the ultimate shrine to your yesteryears.
Dive in head first by bringing this sense of nostalgia into your Social Networking experience, with the
pioneering Facebook button ‘I remember’, seamlessly tying in the new social world with the old. See
what your friends are remembering and see if it jogs a few long forgotten memories.
Remembered something you’d forgotten? No problem! Your personal monument can be adapted
and changed to better reflect your past, sharing items with friends to create a monument that truly
captures the fads, toys and cultural influences that shaped your life and made you You.
Sponsored by Intel

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